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Hormone Assessments

Sex hormones:  estrogen, progesterone, testosterone

As women and men age the sex hormones tend to gradually decline.  Since there are considerable disease risks to taking prescription sex hormones (conjugated equine estrogen and synthetic progestins), many individuals are choosing the more natural bio-identical  hormones. Bio-identical hormones can support waning hormone levels and improve a wide range of symptoms and imbalances.

Estrogen Metabolism:  2, 4 and 16-hydroxyestrones

Estrogen is metabolized in specific fractions in the liver.  The liver has enzyme pathways that need certain nutrients and healthy gene systems.   If a woman inherits specific gene imbalances and has a diet that is lacking a number of specific nutrients, the risk for some cancers can be elevated.  Breast cancer can have estrogen sensitive metabolism issues.   We recommend that all women have their estrogen metabolites measured to identify their risk, and if necessary the appropriate dietary and nutritional protocols implemented.

Adrenal hormones:  cortisol and DHEA are two primary hormones that have vast influence on our overall health.  Adrenal stress syndrome is a common malady that is often not diagnosed sufficiently.   The adrenals are powerful little organs that rest next to the kidneys.  Hormones such as adrenaline, noradrenaline, aldosterone and others.  Adrenal cortisol can become elevated or chronically depressed in response to stress.   Cortisol elevation will occur during acute stress, and cortisol depression will happen after prolonged burn out, or continued stress response.  Cortisol elevation is very unhealthy for the whole body, and specifically the nervous system.   Prolonged cortisol will cause brain cells to oxidize or atrophy.  

DHEA is an intermediate hormone that declines as the body ages.  Our clinic can recommend DHEA and adaptogen supplementation to improve documented DHEA levels.  Lower DHEA can accelerate aging and autoimmune issues.

Thyroid Hormones:

TSH + 5 other specific thyroid tests:      TSH is commonly used as a first level diagnostic screen for thyroid function.  We recommend a more complete panel of markers the first time around so we get a complete understanding of thyroid metabolism.  Low and high thyroid imbalances can occur with various dietary deficiencies, food intolerances and a number of environmental chemical toxicities.

Insulin / Insulin Resistance

Fasting insulin, hemoglobin A1C, triglyceride / HDL ratio are blood tests that reflect the blood sugar metabolism balance.  Insulin resistance can occur before one has the diagnosis of diabetes.  Metabolic syndrome is a growing health threat in this country.   Insulin resistance is a metabolic shift that can have long lasting health effects to the whole body. Our clinic has a number of novel science based recommendations to improve insulin resistance.  We keep pace with the research in this area, and we can implement leading edge nutraceuticals and focused food therapy.

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